Heavenly Home Health Aid Inc.

Megan McLaughlin Wright, Owner

"I started Heavenly Home Health Aid with the idea that mediocre didn't have to be the standard for care giving.  I set a goal to personally meet with and know each and every single client that this company serves.    I love going in the field and seeing our clients not just surviving, but thriving through the supports they receive.   I often am asked how I got into this line of work.  The answer is simple...God.  I believe that the Lord placed me in this field to make a difference in the world of the people I get to work with.    All too often we get caught up in the 'business' side of work and those are the days that I love to grab my car keys and go do home visits.   My clients remind me what really matters.   All too often people with different abilities or disabilities are thought of as less than, not equal or unintelligent.  I am here to tell you that thought set is completely wrong.  People with different abilities know what its like to live in the moment, to love whole heartedly, to accept everyone.  I am constantly blown away in this line of work.  I feel like the world should slow down, spend some time with these folks and see what really matters.  I thank God for the opportunity I have been given to work along side some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of knowing!"

Fun Fact About Megan:  Megan is very active in her church. She has severed in Children's ministry for over 10 years.  She also helps coordinate the foreign missions trips!  She took her oldest daughter on her first missions trip Summer of 2018 to Haiti!